Swimming At The Pool

The Wendover Swimming Pool is currently open, and operating inline with Government guidelines:

Book in Advance.

To swim at the pool, you now need to book in advance. It is no longer possible to just turn up and swim. We need you to book in advance so that we can control the number of people in the pool.

Membership is required.

To use our booking system and swim at the pool, you need to be a member, and be logged in. If you have a household or family membership, then you need to register everyone’s names. This is so we can keep a record of who has been swimming, and when. We now offer free memberships alongside our paid-for memberships. With a paid-for membership, the cost of swimming is discounted. With a free membership, swimming is full price.

Lane Swimming Only

At the moment, we are only able to offer lane swimming sessions, and we’re only able to open two lanes at a time. You’ll need to select the lane in which you wish to swim when you book. Normally, we will categorise the lanes as “fast” and “slow”. There will be a maximum of 8 swimmers per lane.

Arrive Beach Ready!

We are not able to open our changing rooms, so you need to arrive “beach ready” (that means that you need to already have your swimming kit on underneath your clothes when you arrive). Remember to bring a bag for your clothes – which can be left on the poolside whilst you swim.

We have set up a gazebo on the outside patio for changing after your swim, if you wish to use it.

One Way System for Arrival

We have introduced a one-way system as you arrive at the pool.

  • You will enter through the main door as usual, and check-in at reception.
  • You will turn left, and enter the poolside through the shower area.
  • Leave your clothes in your own bag in the designated area on the poolside.
  • Take a shower before entering the water.
  • When you’ve finished your swim, you will leave the pool area via the patio, and then back out through the main door.

No Overtaking!

When you’re swimming, we ask that you do not overtake another swimmer in your lane mid-length. Please only overtake at the pool ends as you turn around.

If you need to catch the attention of the person in front to let them know that you’re going to overtake, then we suggest that you tap them gently on the ankle.

No Stopping!

Please don’t stop in the lane or at the ends of the pool – because it will make it difficult for other swimmers to keep their distance. We know that you’ll probably need to take a quick break every now and then, so we’ve created a designated rest area at the shallow end of the pool.

If you’re bringing a drink with you for your breaks, we suggest that you leave your drinks bottle in the designated rest area, and then hop in the water at the shallow end.

Toilets will be available.

The toilets will be open and available for use. The doors into the toilet areas will be wedged open to reduce touch points, but you will be able to close and lock the cubicle doors.

We will provide hand sanitiser for your use on the way in and out of the toilet areas, and the sinks will be available for hand washing.

The Roof Will be Open!

To ensure good ventilation, we will either open the roof, or we will raise the large side window panels.

Don’t swim if you’re worried you might be ill.

And finally, of course, please don’t come to the pool if you’re worried that you might be ill (for any reason), have been asked to isolate, or have reason to believe that you may have been exposed to any infection.

If you need to cancel, then you can do so by editing your booking at your account page. If you have paid in advance for your swim, then please contact us to ask for a refund – remembering to include your booking reference, and the date and time you booked.