Terms and Conditions

Security Policy

  • We use cookies. We use cookies to track how our website is used (for example, we may use Google Analytics, or an analytics tool from another organisation), and we use cookies to power the shopping cart.
  • Our website is SSL enabled. That is, you can (and should) access the site using https. That means that data sent between your computer and our server is encrypted.
  • We do not store (or even see!) your credit card details. When you complete a purchase, we send you to PayPal’s website – where the transaction is completed.
  • We follow best practice techniques to ensure that the data we do store is safe. We keep regular backups, and we conduct regular audits.
  • Even though we do our best, we cannot guarantee that your data will be secure. Some of the worlds biggest and richest companies have suffered data breaches.

Privacy Policy

  • We store all the information that you give us in our database.
  • We also store your memberships and subscriptions – including type and expiration.
  • The database is accessible by trustees of Wendover Swimming CIO, and by trusted organisations and individuals as required to maintain that database. For example, we may allow a trusted volunteer or employee to access the database for the purpose of administering it; or we may allow our accountants or other providers of professional services to access the database for the purpose of auditing it. These reasons are examples, and are not exhaustive.
  • We will not sell (or otherwise share, rent or make available) the database to any third party (except where required by law). We have never been asked by any law enforcement agency or organisation for access to our database.
  • We will use the database to keep in touch with our members. For example, we will try and email members to let them know that a subscription to a membership is about to expire. We may also contact members to let them know about changes, special events or other information about the pool.
  • We may occasionally use the database to tell our members about something unrelated to the swimming pool – but which may be of interest to our members. For example, if a local organisation is promoting a fitness event we may share that information with our members. These messages will always come directly from us, and not from any third party. We will not share your contact details.

Membership Rules

  • Membership runs from twelve months from the date taken our or renewed.
  • Membership is subject to the current rules of Wendover Swimming CIO.
  • All business, including the General Meetings, may be done via email and the website provided there has been adequate notice to members.
  • All notices and communications to members will be via email.
  • Members must maintain a valid email address.
  • We may remind you that your membership is due to expire, but it is the responsibility of each member to renew their membership.
  • Membership Fees: As published by Wendover Swimming CIO on the web site and at the pool.
  • Swimming Charges: As published by Wendover Swimming CIO on the web site and at the pool.
  • An infant is defined as an individual aged under 5 years. On their fifth birthday, an infant becomes a child (also referred to as a Junior).
  • A child is defined as an individual aged between 5 years and 17 years. On their eighteenth birthday, a child becomes an adult.
  • A family is defined as a group who live together as a family at the same address. A family membership cannot include extended family or friends not living at the same address. We do not limit the number of children in a family, and the adults need not be married.
  • For a family membership, every member of the family must be named.
  • The Trustees shall have the power to suspend or terminate membership at their discretion.
  • Members may be asked to prove either their membership or their identity on entry to the pool.

Pool Rules

  • All children under six, and all non-swimmers (regardless of age) must be accompanied in the water by a responsible adult.
  • All children under thirteen must be accompanied by a responsible adult, who must remain at the pool (but not necessarily in the water.
  • All pool and pool area users shall abide by the Pool rules displayed by the pool side at all times, or as directed by the Life-Guard on duty.
  • No one may enter the pool area unless a Life-Guard is on duty. At no time will the Life-Guard have any responsibilities other than that of safety.
  • Signals and instructions by the Life-Guard must be immediately obeyed.
  • All pool users must shower before entering the pool.
  • Pool administrators may advise that items of jewellery be removed for safety reasons but shall have no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any personal possessions of pool users.
  • Dogs are not allowed on the premises, except by prior arrangement with the Trustees.
  • Smoking is forbidden anywhere on the premises.
  • Alcohol is forbidden anywhere on the premises.
  • Only pool helpers may sit on the wall in the pool area.
  • Running along the pool side, pushing, bombing or any other dangerous practices are forbidden.
  • The use of any sharp or dangerous objects likely to cause injury to swimmers or damage the pool liner is forbidden.
  • All pool helpers may take whatever action may be necessary for the protection of pool users, the general public and of any property of Wendover Swimming CIO or Buckinghamshire County Council.
  • The pool helpers are responsible for the safe running of the pool. If, in their opinion, they believe that an individual is not adhering to the rules of the pool, they will warn the individual concerned. This warning will be entered in the relevant section of the Incident Book. Any individual receiving two entries in the book within a membership year or period will receive a written warning from the Trustees. If an individual receives any further warnings in the year or period, they will be banned from using the pool.