The Pool

The Wendover Swimming Pool is operated as a not-for-profit by Wendover Swimming CIO. Everyone involved – including all the lifeguards, first aid staff, and plant operators are volunteers. We do it because we think having such a great swimming pool available to the people of Wendover is a really good thing.

The Wendover Swimming Pool is located on the schools’ campus, off Wharf Road in Wendover – right in the centre of the village. The postcode of the entire campus is HP22 6HF. The pool is used by schools on the campus, by swimming schools, and for public sessions. The pool is open all year round.

The pool is the perfect size. It’s 25 meters long, and 7.5 meters wide. It’s 0.8 meters deep at the shallow end, and 2.1 meters at the deep end. In the summer, we open the roof!

Our preferred target water temperature is 30degC (plus-or-minus 1 degC), and we try our best to keep the pool at that temperature. We consider any water temperature between 29.0degC and 31.0degC to be on target.

There are times when it is not possible to achieve our preferred target water temperature – for example when we replenish water (which is part of our standard operational procedure), which by necessity is cold water direct from the water main.

Automated systems are used to keep the temperature stable, and we use a calibrated thermometer to periodically check the temperature of the water.