Recent History

The Wendover Swimming Pool is operated by Wendover Swimming CIO – a registered charity. At the end of 2013, Wendover Swimming CIO picked up from where Wendover Swimming Association left off.

Wendover Swimming Association provided the means for local people to swim in the pool, but the pool was owned and operated by The John Colet School (an Academy).

Wendover Swimming Association was a voluntary community organisation with the aim of promoting swimming in the local community. The Wendover Swimming Association was funded by annual membership fees and charges for swimming and it used those funds raised to contribute to the costs of the pool but all the services are provided by unpaid volunteers.

Originally, many years ago, the volunteers of the WSA provided an open air pool on the Wendover schools campus using money raised by the Wendover Carnival. Swimming was restricted to the summer months and swimmers only had the use of a temporary cabin for changing in.

In 1997 with funding from local sponsorship, the Wendover Trust and The Lottery Fund, a retractable roof was fitted and purpose built changing rooms were added to allow swimming all year round and from that time the Pool has been operated by the John Colet School.

In 2013 the John Colet School asked WSA if the local community would take the Pool back and operate it as a community facility.

Wendover Swimming CIO continues to work with the John Colet School, to try and achieve that goal.